Duke, Virginia Advance: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Duke, Virginia Advance: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The PGA Championship in Rochester and NCAA quarterfinals in Albany suffered through a rainy afternoon.

Virginia and Duke both advanced.

Fingers crossed Brooks Koepka runs down Corey Conners tomorrow.

Both Virginia and Duke reported attendance at 4224 although visually it appeared more were watching the Michigan Duke game as the opposite stands were pretty well stocked with Ann Arbor blue. Find it hard to believe Virginia and Georgetown folks stuck around in the rain to watch the second game.


The first round attendance numbers were a disaster.

Or, we need to consider the sport isn't as popular as we've been led to believe.

Maybe moving the quarter finals to one location would be really cool and interesting.

Did anyone feel bored around 4:15PM when it was clear Duke was going to win? If you start playing at noon, you have plenty of time to finish all four games.

Are we really worried about losing fans to the Preakness?

All year on Lacrosse Narrative we've asked for one simple schedule adjustment: Move the start time of Monday's title game back. Give the kids an extra moment to rest. Don't dare people to stay inside on the last day of a holiday weekend.

New request which is absolutely ridiculous and obvious.

Don't host quarterfinal games at fields with football lines.

That's a friendly reminder your sport isn't as big as you think it is.

The Good

The stars came out for both teams. Shellenberger and O'Neill both scored 6 goals.

They both scored the first two goals of the game.

The Bad

O'Neill is at least 235lbs. Shellenberger is injury prone.

They won't be at 100% for Monday's title game assuming both win their semifinal match up.

Not protecting your stars is a reason sports don't grow.

The Ugly

Is Virginia's defense not as good as they should be considering the number of veterans they have or does Matt Nunes struggles make them look bad?


He finished at 48%. They won 17-14.

Nunes will likely face Notre Dame in the semifinals. Virginia won both games. He finished at 58% and 70%.

The 70% game, which took place April 30th, was his best outing of the year.

Should they advance, Duke will be waiting. The Wahoos lost both. He registered 46% and 53% outings.

The Ugly and Pessimistic Virginia Fan

Shellenberger has now recorded three 10 point games.

The following game he had 2 assists in a win over Ohio State and 1 goal and 2 assists in a loss over Maryland.

What's in store for Philadelphia?

The Ugly and Pessimistic Duke Fan

Does the big stage, an actual NFL stadium, finally catch up to Will Helm?

Jacksonville 13-12 Loss - 45%

Notre Dame 17-12 Loss - 37%

Today, Helm finished 63% against a very potent Wolverine offense. He doesn't need to stand on his head for Duke to win a title but can't be sub 40% either.

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