Blinded by the Takes: June 6

Blinded by the Takes: June 6

The PLL season has arrived. The takes keep coming.

Did you watch all four games closely? If so, you can participate in the team power rankings discussion.

No sense in waiting for the season midpoint to start the MVP watch list.

Not sure why we committed to Roman Roy GIFs. To be determined how long we keep him around.

We Need Answers, Coach

There were a lot of moving parts in week one and this overlooked but it can't be this weekend in Charlotte.

The coaches have to be in front of a camera an answer for their game day roster decisions.

People spent a lot of time wondering what the Atlas would do with their starting attack. We deserve to know why Jake Carraway not only wasn't a starter but why he was left off the game day roster.

This was so distracting folks (us) didn't even realize Dennis Romar wasn't dressing either.

John Ranagan is a huge name for the Chrome. Why was he out?

Even if they want to use coach speak to address these decisions, that's better than Lax Twitter wondering aloud whether players are hurt or not.

Chaotic Roster Choices

Presumably the Chaos coaching staff knows what they want to do next. If the Bandits lose this weekend, there will be a deciding game in the NLL finals which means the Chaos offensive stars won't be available until June 24th against the Waterdogs.

If the Bandits win this weekend, they will be available June 18th against the Redwoods.

Sneaking out a win against the Whipsnakes would have been ideal, but a one goal loss is a nice consolation prize given the playoff seeding tiebreaker. Despite not having their full complement of athletes, the one goal loss has the Chaos 5 goals ahead of the basement.

If the Bandits win and the Chaos win, will the coaches ease their stars back into the fold?

If the Bandits win and the Chaos lose, are those players dressing for the Redwoods game on Long Island?

Rinse and repeat those questions in the event of a Bandits loss.

The coaching staff has to have something already in mind, they just don't know what plan to execute yet.

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Since the teams are owned by the league and the head coach acts as the general manager, who is in charge of the head coach's performance?

Dom Starsia and John Paul announced they were moving on at the end of the first season but we can assume they were asked to leave and given the chance to step down. The 2019 Chrome had the worst record in the league and managed to defeat the second worst team in the league, the Atlas, in the first round pick game.

Who made those decisions?

Who makes the decisions now?

Is there a coach you feel is on the hot seat now?

We can assume the players have a ton of input which makes the PLL both like the MCLA and the NBA.

It would be fascinating if that player backchanneling in the "locker room" ever got out. The offense wanted Coach X gone, but the team leadership was on the defensive side of the ball so he kept his job.

No, we will not be power ranking hot seats.

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