Blinded by the Takes: June 29

Blinded by the Takes: June 29

Looking Way Ahead to the PLL Postseason

If the season ended today, Chaos would be out and Chrome...would have the first round bye. What a turnaround by that organization. Helps to start the season with Dylan Molloy and a healthy JT Giles Harris.

The first round match ups would be:

#2 Whipsnakes vs. #7 Cannons

#3 Atlas vs. #6 Redwoods

#4 Archers vs. #5 Waterdogs

Whipsnakes and Atlas would roll.

If the games were this weekend, Dillon Ward would absolutely start for the Waterdogs but would Grant Ament be ready? Think you take the Archers anyway. Too much firepower especially given no dominant faceoff play from either team.

The Archers/Chrome semifinal would be extremely captivating. On one hand, you have the Chrome who have no idea how to play with high expectations. They are the 2021 Atlas. On the other hand, you have the Archers who have never been able to meet expectations but would have to feel good about their chances against the upstart Chrome even though they lost head to head earlier in the season.

Would the Whipsnakes/Atlas semifinal be the de facto title game? Has to be. The winner of this game would be the title favorite. You'd give the Whipsnakes defensive core the slight edge over the Atlas. Even with streaky performances, the Atlas have the more dynamic midfield. Either side would have the face off advantage against the Archers/Chrome winner.

The Chrome and Atlas have been wonderful stories but we're riding the Whips until they fail to make to a PLL title game appearance.

MVP Races

No one seems to care about Kyle Bernlohr being the goalie of a 4-0 team while posting a 60% save percentage.

But, we do.

They haven't been an easy four wins either.

Three of the games have been one goal wins including an overtime game.

Seems like he should be a lot higher than +7500.

He is the same as Stephen Rehfuss? Who has 4 points?

The same odds as one of the worst face off guys in the league?

Come on.

The Recruiting Circuit

Initially zeroed in on the first bit.

The dog days? June 29th? If you're a parent involved in summer lacrosse there's a 100% chance, you have at least one more event to attend in July. If you're a parent of an east coast kid, you probably have two.

How much easier is it to be a parent on the east coast when you don't have to worry about the financial stress of booking airfare and maybe can avoid hotels as well?

The kids are tired and sore? Big difference between sleeping in your own and bed and having to share a double queen bed room at a Comfort Inn with your parents.

It is all relative. A parent from Michigan would likely trade the aggravation a parent from Long Island is going through this week to prepare for another event.

You don't have to sign up for everything. You're not obligated to be everywhere.

One day, I hope to have children of my own and will remember Geoff's advice to be supportive and understanding.

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