Blinded by the Takes – April 25

Blinded by the Takes – April 25

A mini collection of thoughts from the weekend.

Duke Doomsday Clock

Holding at 11:55PM but ready to jump to midnight.

In the latest bracketology, Duke is now among the first four out thanks to continued chaos in the Ivy League.

Should Duke defeat North Carolina on Sunday they will be right back in the tournament field. Of course, they will also have to take down Notre Dame the following weekend.

Loyola going 1-2, including an overtime win against Colgate, over their last three doesn't help.

Syracuse's five game losing streak certainly doesn't help.

Even though no one looks strong enough to take down Maryland, this will be such a lost season for the Devils. How many what ifs can a blue blood ask?

What if you don't schedule four games in ten days and you're not beat up heading into the Jacksonville game?

What if Nakeie Montgomery comes to fall ball allowing the offense build chemistry?

What if you don't lose to Penn again?

What if the Ivy League isn't winning all of their out of conference match ups?

What if the ACC isn't historically down so the UNC win holds more weight?

What if we don't get to watch Brennan O'Neill in the NCAA tournament this spring?

If they can't beat this UNC team at home, it is going to be a nightmare of a summer.

Maryland Revenge Tour Continues

Did you see what Maryland did to Hopkins? At Homewood?

Maryland has had 10+ goal scorers for the seventh straight game.

Bob Benson spent years grinding out creative ways to scheme average athletes open when he was the Hopkins offensive coordinator. Now, he has the horses to go along with advanced Xs and Os.

Speaking of what if's...what if the Holy Cross job doesn't open up? What if Hopkins hadn't moved on from Petro when they did?

Our Best Tweet from the Weekend

Are You Listening?

We’ve now released eleven episodes of our podcast, LPG Coach’s Companion.

Which one is your favorite so far?

Episode 1 – Brian Brecht (Rutgers) & Bryan Kelly (Calvert Hall)

Episode 2 – Robyn Rooney (Wantagh) & Emily Boissonneault (Pitt)

Episode 3 – Lars Tiffany (Virginia) & Casey D’Annolfo (Tufts)

Episode 4 – Jack Kensil (Byram Hills) & Kelly Gallagher (Tampa)

Episode 5 – JB Clarke (Tampa) & Tom West (Bolles)

Episode 6 – Allison Kwolek (Clemson) & Kate Livesay (Middlebury)

Episode 7 – Joe Alberici (Army) & Johnny Rodriguez (Mater Dei)

Episode 8 – Kerstin Kimel (Duke) & Jack Cribbin (Lindenwood)

Episode 9 – Summer Koepplin (St. Anthony’s), Jenna McNicholas (Taft), and Robyn Rooney (Wantagh)

Episode 10 – Joe Amplo (Navy) & Nic Bell (Taft)

Episode 11 - Tom West

If you’re trying to be a better coach, you’re going to listen to every episodes more than once.

Two episodes drop every week.

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