Zay-Zah: The New Era Begins

Zay-Zah: The New Era Begins

So as we had reported just over a year ago this month, Jacob Redlingshafer has been doing things big again with his unique and quality line of clothing.  This isn't just your normal wear and be uncomfortable after a while type of clothing.  Rather, this clothing is made of top quality material, as Jacob is very meticulous in regards to what his buyers put on their bodies.  He doesn't want to put anything out that doesn't not only represent him well, but doesn't represent the person who is wearing the items as well!

What's new after a year since I brought you the new line is the fact they have a bunch of new ultra-comfortable items, that are not only complimenting to the seasonal changes, but are also warmer.  The new line includes the Sporting Z, with it's rich blue color and comfortable texture, it is sure to be a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.  One of the best additions to the line's will be the Super Z:

You ever wanted to feel more powerful, warm, and amazing at the same time?  Well this is the shirt for you! Not only that, but I am pretty sure it's a chick magnet, but just remember, it's not bullet proof, yet. This could easily be you:

Last but not least, one item that I think goes well without speaking for the elections coming up, and while I don't think Jacob planned it this way, it just so happens to be patriotic in every way!  The comfortable, sporty hat, also known as the United States of ZZ is something to be proud of while you just being American, and not to mention while you are even casting this ballots, so what are you waiting for, go pick one of these bad boys up!

For more information, be sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter, and when you're ready to order, head to their website and be sure to say that Josh sent you!  Make sure to let us know what you think of everything!  You can always message me of course @TheRealHag on Twitter.
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