WWE Legend Mick "Mankind" Foley Has Resurfaced...Playing Lax?

WWE Legend Mick "Mankind" Foley Has Resurfaced...Playing Lax?

Mick Foley, AKA "Mankind", has resurfaced at a Lacrosse Unlimited warehouse in Long Island. Foley who has won over 10 heavyweight Professional wrestling titles (including tag team) showed up at the LU warehouse mistaking it for one of their many stores. We came across this image on LU's blog, LaxUnation. LaxUnation.com states:

The Long Island native turned WWE superstar was just looking for a goalie stick, and we were happy to oblige. Turns out that he played lacrosse for Ward Melville in his time.

This is apparently true. After further research it turns out that he did in fact play lacrosse at Ward Melville High School in Setauket, New York (Wikipedia). Below is a tribute video highlighting Foley's illustrious career. Does it surprise you he plays goalie??? This guy is nuts!
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