Wreckless Lacrosse Partners with The Chesapeake Bayhawks

Wreckless Lacrosse Partners with The Chesapeake Bayhawks

Garden City, NY, February 06, 2014 - Wreckless Apparel Group, a new brand of athletic gear and apparel that is best known for catering to the player, their performance, as well as their individuality, recently announced their partnership with the Chesapeake Bayhawks.

The Bayhawks are well known in Major League Lacrosse for being the franchise with the most MLL Championship wins, having won five since the start of the league in 2001, as well as earning an outstanding four division titles. The team has also won more games than any franchise in the MLL thus far.

Wreckless Apparel Group’s partnership with the Bayhawks will take place in Annapolis, the team’s hometown. Wreckless will be sponsoring the team and will play a large part in upcoming games. It only made sense for Wreckless Apparel Group and the Chesapeake Bayhawks to partner together due to the fact that two of the teams top defensemen, Brian Spallina and Mike Evans play on this team as well as endorse the Wreckless brand.

Upon learning about the partnership, Brian Spallina said: "What an outstanding opportunity for both The Bayhawks and Wreckless Lacrosse aligning themselves. The Bayhawks are regarded as the number one franchise in the MLL, and Wreckless has made a splash big enough to gain national recognition. It’s always great when the best in their respective businesses come together to grow the nations greatest sport. I am extremely excited to see this partnership as I have been fortunate enough to be a part of these two amazing organizations." With Mike Evans adding, "I feel extremely privileged to be apart of two of the most innovative and successful organizations in lacrosse. The lacrosse community should be extremely excited to have a first class organization like the Bayhawks teaming up with the best apparel brand in the sport with Wreckless."

The partnership is a match made in lacrosse heaven. With Wreckless being one of the newest, fastest growing, and most requested sporting apparel brand to hit store shelves in the past few months. Their line of apparel is performance made to fit the lifestyle of a lacrosse player, and all athletes both and off the field. With a team like the Bayhawks representing the brand, there is nowhere but the back of the net for this partnership to go.

“We are on the verge to create more MLL partnerships with other teams in the league. We are very excited, as we have created a functional lifestyle of a lacrosse player from the east coast to the west coast. We are looking to mutually grow the game together," said the Wreckless Apparel Group Team, regarding the partnership between the two. Coach Cottle of the Bayhawks shared the same enthusiasm, when asked how he felt about the decisions to team up he said, “We are very excited to have Wreckless involved with the Bayhawks this season and we are confident that our partnership will be mutually beneficial.”

Some of the details of this partnership between the two include Title Sponsorship of the second game the Bayhawks play against the New York Lizards on May 17th, 2014. All Bayhawk announcements will include “Brought to you by Wreckless”. On-field signboards will be constructed and will be displayed facing the crowd during home games. There will be field suites at all home games designated for Wreckless Lacrosse. Wreckless will also have a full-page ad in the Bayhawk yearbook, as well as a hyperlink on the Bayhawk website and newsletter.
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