World Cup Soccer Chant Popularized By Navy Lacrosse Players?

World Cup Soccer Chant Popularized By Navy Lacrosse Players?

The, now, world famous chant that you've heard EVERYWHERE during the 2014 World Cup has roots with the Navy lacrosse team. Yes, the official song, "I Believe That we Will Win", for the U.S. soccer support group known as the American Outlaws has adopted the song from a Naval Midshipmen dating back to 1998. The chant was used as motivation to beat Army and Air Force during football and basketball season only to be made popular by the lacrosse team.

Yahoo Sports reports:

The leaders of the chant at football games in the early years were often Navy lacrosse players, most of whom would sit bunched together at the top of the stadium. They led the chant before the game and whenever the score was close and they felt the football team was in need of a morale boost.

"They loved it," said Chris Pieczonka, a Navy lacrosse player who graduated in 2005. "The football players would come to our games in the spring time and they were so loud. They created this whole group called the Navy Lacrosse Hooligans. They'd find out who were playing, start doing their research and they'd have the whole roster and their girlfriends and everything. We were really grateful for that, so we wanted to show the same support."

This is such a cool story that definitely deserves attention. The power of belief is strong and this chant's history shows that it is everlasting. Read the full background at

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