Woodgrain Easton Launch + Brown Leather Technique Talk

Hello laxers and lax lovers! Sorry for the week hiatus. In the videos below, I talk about a leather technique used by some. I'm stringing the brown leathers on an Easton Woodgrain Launch head. I hope that if you're thinking about doing a leather bag, you would try this technique sometime.

Notes about this technique:


  • 5 shorter crosslace strings instead 1 longer crosslace

  • Pocket screw to form a pocket instantly and keep leathers in place while you do the outside crosslace strings

  • Put pocket screw a little bit lower than where you want you pocket, it always moves up (same happens in mesh - that's where the ball is going!!)

  • After side crosslace strings are complete, remove the pocket screw, then skooch the leathers down so they are flat and pretty - this may make your pocket smaller, so you may need to compensate by loosening up those outside crosslace strings

Sorry about the brain freeze - please - continue on...

As with any stringing, you must display patience.  No pocket will be perfect the first time, and, as you know, they are always changing.  Stay focused and keep truckin'!


Greg Rose


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