Wolf Athletics Element Review

Wolf Athletics Element Review

Wolf Athletics does a great job at making new products that really stand apart from everything else offered on the market.  One of their latest offerings is the lightest lacrosse shaft in the world, the Element.

The Element is a very clean looking shaft, similar to their U-1 and U-2 shafts.  They all feature a mainly black design with black text and a small silver ring with the Wolf logo on them.  I think this looks very clean and can match well with any head design.

Being the lightest shaft on the market, this thing feels like a feather in hand.  This lets a player really be able to rip quick shots since there's really no resistance on the shot. It also gives you a ton of feel when the ball is in your stick due to the weight. The shaft has a medium amount of flex similar to most other standard carbon shafts although it has a kick point making the flex more consistent.  The Element has a nice sandpaper grip, meaning you won't have to weight down the super light shaft with tape. The shape of the shaft is more rounded than most shafts which feels very comfortable in hand, while also having a profile that still gives you good control.

Although I personally like using a heavier shaft which feels more balanced (my gamer is actually a hickory wood shaft) like the Wolf Element U-2, if you're looking for a very light shaft this is a great option that I'd recommend. At under $100, it comes in a great price compared to other carbon shafts on the market making it a great value.
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