Wisconsin unis exemplify clean design

At the beginning of the year we told you our prediction for trends in equipment and apparel for 2010. One of the trends we talked about that we thought we'd see a return of some cleaner looks in uniform styles. When we got an e-mail about Wisconsin lacrosse last week, we figured it'd give us an opportunity to re-hash what we mean when we say clean.

Wisconsin is wearing the Brine Diablo jerseys, and went with a simple and clean look. Wisconsin used its school colors, red and white (OK - cardinal and white), and went with a white jersey with red trim and a red jersey with white trim. Wisconsin keeps a clean look in several of its sports -- it is a recognizable school that uses the red, white, and Wisconsin "W" well on football and basketball jerseys, too. The lacrosse team did similar with their lacrosse uniforms, a great example of using a clean design and keeping with the spirit of the school.

In addition to the unis, check out Wisconsin in action in its 11-10 win over Minnesota on March 20 below and take a look at some of Wisconsin's custom Super Freak II team gloves.

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red&white warrior superfreak 2 design looks awesome;)


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You should post their t-shirt with the glove grabbing the helmet. It’s very very dope.


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