Wilton Resident Acquires Lax.com

John Arrix of Wilton is expecting to score big with a recent acquisition. Arrix, a marketing professional with 25 years of experience, has partnered with George West, a Wall Street financier from New Jersey, to buy Lax.com, an e-commerce Web site for the sale of lacrosse equipment.

Arrix said his goal is to use marketing expertise to increase Lax.com's Web site sales, which, he said, already command 40 percent of the $100 million industry's annual e-commerce market of $10 million. Arrix goes on to state:

One of the things that intrigued me about Lax.com was its e-commerce play. Lacrosse has been very strong in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, but now it's growing big time in the larger states, such as Florida, Texas and California.

Sales through Lax.com, which sells 3,500 different lacrosse products from a 23,000-square-foot warehouse in Carlstadt, N.J., where it's headquartered, are expected to jump another 10 or 15 percent this year, Arrix said.

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Lacrosse continues to gain the eyes of many unfamiliar to the sport and continues to grow in more ways than one. What are your thoughts? Big story?
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looks like it. hmm HOT buy for arrix.

to friedchicken69

Huge news. Lacrosse is seriously a money making sport. It didn’t used to be but smart people are finally taking notice of the growth.


No, you read that wrong. It states they do 40% of the $10 Million in sales of online lacrosse equipment. That mean they do $4 Million in REVENUE every year, which is not even close to profit,


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wowwww hold up. they make $10 mil a year? did i read that right? incredible


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