Will Warrior start producing custom team shafts?

Here at Lacrosse Playground a lot of stuff crosses our desks. But yesterday we were able to get our hands on some photos of Warrior custom team shafts that really piqued our interest. We've seen trends of gear getting more and more custom, but these take handles to a new level. Check out the pictures below and read on to find out why.

Above are shots of three custom handles with team customizations for Duke, Princeton, and Denver. As you can see in close-ups below, each has a pattern unique to the team. For Duke, it is the school's D as a pattern running up and down the handle. The Duke handle is also embellished with the Blue Devil head as the "O" in the word Warrior." The other enhancement is that the handle includes a player's jersey number, which would bring a whole new level of customization to lacrosse handles.

We hear the Duke handle might make an appearance at the final four this weekend.

Our sources tell us that these handles aren't going to be hitting the market yet, but they could definitely be a possibility in the future. Sometime down the road there could be the day where you could order a custom handle, not only with your team's logo and colors/pattern, but also with your jersey number on it.

This got us thinking, the lacrosse handle market is the one place where we haven't seen too much customization so far (outside of 1 Lacrosse). So what is the market for it? Currently we pay $70-$80 for low-end handles and up to about $200 for the higher-end handles (assuming we are talking attack/midfield). If companies were to start producing custom handles like this what would you be willing to pay? Vote in the poll and let us know what you think about the handles in the comments below.

Shots of the Princeton handle with tiger print:

Princeton up close:

A length-wise shot of the Duke handle:

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they are coming people..

lee southren

These are sick. The D running up and down the side on the Duke one is awesome. Love the concept of not only customizing the handle, but putting the number on there too.


Tiger stripes…very Jersey Shore.

412 Lax

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