Will Lacrosse 14 Hit Its Kickstarter Goal?

A lot of buzz has been swirling in lacrosse circles about the Kickstarter for a Lacrosse 14, a video game for Playstation, Xbox and PC. But what are the odds they reach their goal of raising $210,000?

According to a new web site that predicts Kickstarter success, not likely.

Sidekick is a new site that uses a variety of data – including amount of money pledged over time, tweets containing a link to the campaign, and backers and their relationships with each other – to produce a probability of a campaign reaching its goal. (If you are a real nerd check out this research paper explaining how it works here)

Lacrosse 14’s odds of hitting its goal? Just 36%. In fact, after an initial spike as the campaign kicked off, Sidekick has the odds of hitting the goal slipping more each day.

Check out how the odds have trended below and sound off on what you think. Will the campaign hit its goal?

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Well…This is a negative article… Don’t see the point of posting this. Lol You should maybe instead help PROMOTE it.


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