Which Lacrosse Camp Is Right For You?

Which Lacrosse Camp Is Right For You?

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America. There are more lacrosse camps now than ever before. With so many options, it is difficult to decipher which camp is right for your game. Every player is different and a right camp for a player that wants to play for a D1 program could be different than a camp for a player new to the game.
Some camps provide an amazing experience. Others, not so much. Now you can share your experience online to help fellow lacrosse players navigate the complex process of finding the right camp, clinic, or tournament.

“Lax Camp Review” gives you the capability to rate, review and research lacrosse camps and tournaments online for free. With hundreds of camps and tournaments in our database, Lax Camp Review is the largest online destination for camp, clinic, and tournament ratings.

Using a custom built interface, users evaluate camps and tournaments based on four key characteristics:

·       Recruiting – Were there any college coaches there? If so, how many?

·       Skill Development – Did the camp help you get better?

·       Facilities – How were you accommodated?

·       Competition – Was the skill level better or worse than other camps?

About Lax Camp Review

LaxCampReview.com is built for lacrosse players, by lacrosse players. LaxCampReview.com does what lacrosse players have been doing forever – checking in with each other – to figure out who offers the best camps, clinics, and tournaments.
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