Where'd You Get That Hat?

Where'd You Get That Hat?

Not even a joke, I was asked that at least twice when I walked out of my apartment wearing the hat that my lovely boys at Lacrosse Playground sent me. I am a very proud hat wearer, but never think to put on baseball caps. Luckily for these guys (unluckily for me), I generally need something to cover my "gym hair" (which is a kind way to describe it). I love a good baseball cap, and these are the best ones I have! They're comfortable, they're neutral colors so they go with everything (since I know that all of you coordinate your hats and your outfits), and they already have a worn-in feel that makes them look as though you've had them forever. There is nothing more annoying to me than having to break in hats and shoes, so I was SO excited that in this case, I didn't have to.

I have the hats in vintage khaki and deep navy, as you can see above, and they're snug while not being uncomfortably tight. I would definitely recommend wearing them to work out (if hats during workouts are your thing), since they're so light, but just wearing them around casually would work, too. They're not going to wick sweat away obviously, but they dry out pretty fast and the cotton stays soft. No giant logo, no crazy embellishment, just an amazing lacrosse lifestyle piece that fits and (in my humble opinion) looks way sharp.


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