Where Are College Coaches Finding You?

College recruiting classes are puzzles that require specific pieces. ConnectLAX’s Recruit Finder database helps college coaches find players that fit their program.

Coaches can easily search for players by year, position, dominant hand, height, weight and more. After evaluating each profile, coaches can message recruits and add them to their recruit database like Front Rush. Maximize your recruiting exposure by including your player information where coaches are looking for it:


ConnectLAX was built with college coaches to maximize their ease of use, allowing coaches to view profiles without logging in and including all the information they need to easily evaluate mobile recruiting profiles from the road.

As the number of talented players and recruiting events continues to grow, college coaches are taking a targeted approach to filling their recruiting classes. The Recruit Finder tool helps coaches save time and money by identifying the players they need and at which events they can see those players in person.

Recruits can also use ConnectLAX to find prospect days, clinics and events at the schools they are interested in, which college coaches can list for free in their college profiles. Learn more at www.connectlax.com/recruiting.
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