What Do Under Armour's New Football Uniforms Mean For Lacrosse?

What Do Under Armour's New Football Uniforms Mean For Lacrosse?

Summer is winding down and everyone is heading back to school, but no one is heading back with more style than the Maryland Football team. The Terps unveiled new team uniforms last night that include 16 new color combinations derived from Black, Red, White and Gold Under Armour pants and jerseys. The new line also included a White Terrapin shell helmet with a Maryland flag sticker down the center and a Matte Black helmet with the same sticker.

We saw how Under Armour revamped the Men's lacrosse team's unis last year so, with the new football additions, LPG has to ask; what is in store for MD's lax squad next spring? Could they be bigger and badder for the NCAA Finalists?

Immediate inquiries to STX and Under Armour received no response. It is fair to say that they will be using Under Armour equipment in 2012 especially since Under Armour Inked 5-Year, $17.5M Deal With Univ. Of Maryland in 2008. View Game Photos from the Terrapins '11 debut in UA lacrosse uniforms HERE.

Additionally, LPG has noted that STX has taken the Terps logo off of their sponsored teams section. Will the Terps be sporting Under Armour's new equipment line this spring?!
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college football unis are just the coolest evvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer


the turtle shell helmets are fresh


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