Weekly Mashup Presented By STX Poster of Brendan Mundorf

Each week the Weekly Mashup brings you links to some of the articles you may not have seen that involve lacrosse or lacrosse players. Here are some of the news-makers from this week. The Weekly Mashup is presented by STX promo player, Brendan Mundorf.

Entrepreneurs Crash the Super Bowl: When Doritos and Pepsi Max announced their joint backing of a Super Bowl consumer-made ad competition, entrepreneurial filmmakers set to task. Some 10,000 entries later, the competition now boils down to 10 semi-finalists including Hopkins alum, Michael Doneger.

The Last Great Stockpile of Old-School Lacrosse Heads?: In any Internet discussion, Google Images is the go-to option. Sometimes the only proof you need is a picture. SSL went looking for an image of a Brine Lightning, but what they found might be the last great retail offering of vintage lacrosse heads.

John Jay Youth Lacrosse Kick-Off Day on Saturday: The John Jay Youth Lacrosse Kick-Off Day will be held on Saturday, Jan. 22, from noon to 3 in the John Jay High School small gym (wrestling room).

School Board Reverses Decision on Fielding Lacrosse Team, Sort of: Impassioned pleas by parents convince school board to vote to field one boys lacrosse team in the spring but only if there is no additional expense from the school budget.

Pro introduces lacrosse to local schools
: With so much emphasis on hockey, baseball and other sports like football, rugby and soccer, Canada's other national sport can get left behind.

Deep in the heart of Texas, a bumper crop of lacrosse standouts: Coppell linebacker Brandon Mullins was named the Associated Press defensive player of the year for 5A. He finished with 133 tackles and had scholarship offers from Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Christian. He instead will play lacrosse as a longstick midfielder at Syracuse.

Pro shop looks to give back to lacrosse community: Local lacrosse players will no longer have to do the bulk of their equipment shopping at out-of-the-way locations or online, as a new pro shop for the athletes has opened in the area.

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