We Believe Foundation Partners with Lacrosse Playground Spring Classic

We Believe Foundation Partners with Lacrosse Playground Spring Classic

Lacrosse Playground is proud to announce the partnership of the “We Believe” Foundation for the 2nd Annual Spring Classic. We, at Lacrosse Playground, find it very important to partner with organizations that continue to make an unbelievable impact in the community. Given that our event showcases the top high school talent in the country, “We Believe” Foundation is the perfect fit for spreading awareness about cancers in young males.

The “We Believe” Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to be a resource that both raises awareness about adolescent and young adult cancers and provides financial assistance to this group battling cancer through to survivorship. Testicular Cancer is the #1 Cancer for men from age 15 to 39. The Maryland based organization will be working to increase the survivorship rate for this age group through policy and education at the event March 22nd at Towson University.

“First let me say that we are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Lacrosse Playground both professionally and personally. I believe that it is important to surround yourself with people of integrity, like mind and vision.” – President, Sarah Miller

“We Believe” Foundation annually honors cancer warriors and promotes cancer awareness and will be doing so at the Spring Classic. Each game will acknowledge a cancer survivor as an honorary captain.

“As you know, our mission is to raise awareness about young adults that cancer does happen at this age when these young players are at their prime, but early detection increases survival rates significantly. In addition, we want to teach tolerance and compassion for those young adults going through this battle via education.” – Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller, cancer warriors and the “We Believe” Foundation will have a booth set up on the South Concourse of Johnny Unitas Stadium. Please make sure to stop by to learn about cancer education, tell them your story and possibly make a donation to their organization.

For more information about the Spring Classic Click Here.

For more information on how you can donate to “We Believe” Foundation Click Here.
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