War 4 The Shore Lacrosse Tournament

War 4 The Shore Lacrosse Tournament

UcFit's PJ Martin and NJ Governor, Chris Christie.

The War 4 The Shore Lacrosse Tournament is in support of We Shore Will and those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The event consists of an 8 v 8 charity lacrosse tournament with teams of 12-15 players. Teams are required to donate a minimum of $350. However, earning more money is strongly encouraged! A $100 deposit is due by December 20th.

The event is hosted by PowerTime Sports and Uncommon Fit. It will take place at the PowerTime Indoor Sports Complex in Flemington, New Jersey. All proceeds go to the We Shore Will campaign fund that redirects monies
directly to different organizations supporting the individuals and small businesses of the New Jersey Shore.

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Please contact Ralph D’Agostino at ralph_dag33@yahoo.com or PJ Martin at pj@uncommonfit.com to reserve a spot.
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