VMI Service Branch Patches

VMI Service Branch Patches

Annually, we witness football players from Navy and Army duke it out in the most popular rivalry in all of football. One of the many storylines laced in the game commentary is the destination for the Seniors upon graduating from their respective service academies. One visible way to address it is to display the service branch patch on sleeves. VMI lacrosse players will also be adorning a patch, except for the entire season.

There are 13 Seniors that will matriculate into a branch. Below is a list of the players and their commission to respective branches after graduation. The Service Branch patches were donated by their respective ROTC programs.

- Army: Will Baker, Rory Dillon, James Van Wie, Andrew Nieminski, Kyle Hofstetter, Dallas Wiggins, Drew Epps, Stephen Robarge, Vince Reo and Frank Kelly.

- Marines: Drew Leonard and Eric Alter

- Navy: Tyler Griffith

- Those who have not decided which branch to commission into, or have decided not to commission, wear the Wounded Warrior Project patches. The WWP patches were donated by the Project.

Coach Anken discusses the patches in greater detail below in a video interview with SID John Stark.
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