Veterans To Victors

Veterans To Victors

With September 11 just behind us, the effects of that date are still felt throughout each and everyone of us.  Never is that more apparent than in the picture with one USA Paratriathlete, Melissa Stockwell, who lost her leg while serving in Iraq from an IED.  While some of you may sit back, and have probably often wondered what it would be like to lose an limb that is so vital that we use everyday, it's just something that she never thought about, and, well, it has yet to stop her.  That's only part of what I am writing about today though because as troops go overseas everyday and come back, this is a grim reminder of the sacrifices they make, and the rehabilitation process they will have to face, and no it just isn't 6 weeks and they are fine.  It's a process they have to adjust to for the rest of their lives.

The best aspect of our veterans is the fact that many programs are becoming available to them everyday, especially wounded veterans.  That's why I am writing about Veterans To Victors today in hopes that, while everyone always supports our troops overseas, I was hoping that support would continue right here on the home-front.  What is trying to be accomplished is by attaining your vote, the Veterans To Victors program could receive a $12,000 dollar grant.  However, they need your vote now, as voting ends on Sunday September 18, 2011!  All you have to do is simply go here and you can watch the short video on Melissa and below it you will need to login in to vote.  NOW, the great thing is you can vote once a DAY till Sunday.  Every vote counts guys, so please, as a veterans and soldiers supporter, let's give these guys something to look forward to even more!  This grant money will be extremely useful in the sense that it will be utilized for instructional camps, promote the healthy lifestyle of these athletes, put towards the 2016 Paralympic Games, and all the other great elements that are involved, overall.  What's not to love!

For more on this specific topic, be sure to visit this page here and even like USA Triathlon's Facebook page while you're at it.  Here is another good piece of information to read on Paralympic sport as well.

For any other information please email me at or message me on Twitter @TheRealHag
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In order to vote you have to like this page

and then you can sign in through Facebook to vote. It’s VERY easy! LET’s go guys. Let’s show them how awesome we are.

Josh Hagerman

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