Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 9

Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 9

FCA Lacrosse won their first Vail Shootout Championship in the Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 Boys High School Showcase.

In the final day of the 40th Annual Vail Lacrosse Shootout three champions were crowned. In the U-19 Dr. Tom Watts Memorial High School Boys Showcase, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Lacrosse team earned their first Vail title. In the U-19 Girls High School Showcase Team HLA defended their 2011 title and defeated Heros 2013 winning their second Vail Lacrosse championship. The Supermasters championship was played between familiar foes as the Elder Statesmen knocked off 2011 winners C2C Magic wands.

With the 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout in the book, seven champions were crowned over the nine days of tournament play.

Results for Sunday 7/8

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boys Showcase

Division 1
FCA 12, Team Colorado 10
In a highly energetic game, FCA pulled out to a 5-0 lead that would prove too much for Team Colorado to overcome, and FCA won their first U-19 Vail title 12-10. Colorado didn’t get on the board until the second quarter, only a few times coming within a couple goals of FCA. At the end of the day FCA’s incredibly consistent play, while utilizing tremendous team depth, ultimately kept them ahead. While Colorado fought hard throughout the game, their efforts proved to be too little, too late to overcome the FCA large, initial lead.

3rd Place
Laxachusetts 12, Brady’s Bunch 8

5th Place
ADRLN Tropics 13, Team Ohio 12

7th Place
NE 3D Select 9, True Lacrosse 4

Division 2
Blue Lion 13, Winnipeg 7

Buddha’s Ballers 22, Houlaguns 0
Western Colo. Mavericks 8, Local Favorites 6

Final Standings
Team Colorado
Brady’s Bunch
ADRLN Tropics
Team Ohio
NE 3D Select
True Lacrosse
Blue Lion
Western Colorado Mavericks
Local Favorites
Buddha’s Ballers

All-Tournament Team
Bryce Parietti – Colorado
Patrick Kelly – FCA
Seamus Connelly – Laxachusetts

Brian Miller – Ohio
Deemer Class – FCA
Jack Connelly – Laxachusetts
Kevin Greenburg – Colorado

Eli Merritt – ND 3D Select

Tim Stackpole – FCA
JD Hall – Colorado

Carey Morrison – Winnipeg
Tanner Scales – Colorado
Bobby Duvniak – FCA
Matt Dunn – FCA

Bass Barfield – Brady’s Bunch

U-19 High School Girls Showcase

Gold Bracket Championship
Team HLA 11, Heros 2013 7
The first half of the 2012 U19 Girls Vail Shootout Championship game between Heros 2013 and Team HLA wasn’t living up to the hype that one would expect from these lacrosse giants. Team HLA took a commanding 7-1 first half lead and this game appeared to be over for the Heros as they struggled to get near the goal, never mind getting a shot off.

“Never say die, in the face of defeat”. This may well be the motto of the Heros as they started the second half with four unanswered goals to close within two goals of HLA. The tournament’s MVP, Taylor Ranftle, quickly boosted the lead to three with a goal at the 15 minute mark. The Heros struck again at 11 minutes and 7 minutes remaining to make it an 8-7 game.

Team HLA’s Maddy Blakeman used speed and skills to out maneuver her defender and connect on shots at the five and four minute marks to seal the victory for Team HLA.

Gold Bracket 3rd Place Game
Team 180 10, Puget Sound Select 9
After losing the semis, Team 180 and Puget Sound Select squared off in the third place game. The game was tight the whole way and heated, which matched the outside temperature. It was 9-9 for the 7 minutes until Team 180 scored with 38 seconds remaining. Anya Gersoff lead Team 180 with 4 goals while Amanda Roper of PSS had 3 goals.

Gold Bracket 5th Place Game
Indy United 12, Midwestern Force 5
Possession was the name of the game and Indy United owned the ball. The only thing that limited a run-away game was the outstanding play of Teal Harrison, the all-tournament goalie form Midwestern Force. With her 11 saves MFL stayed in the game. Midwestern Force hustled the entire game, but the consistent midfield play of Indy couldn’t be stopped. Indy’s Hope Thomas scored 4 goals in the 2nd half, which ignited the entire Indy team. During the tournament Indy lost 2 goalies to injuries and field players stepped in to fill the void.

Gold Bracket 7th Place Game
Utah Mamaci Elite 14, MN Lakers 5

Gold Bracket Championship Semi-Finals
Team HLA 8, Puget Sound Select 0
For the semi-final between Puget Sound Select and Team HLA it might be best to remember the number 7. Why? They were asked to play at 7:00 AM, double 7 and you get no score after 14 minutes of play, PSS goalie McKenzie Scott faced 7 shots (5 saves, 2 offensive cards), the first goal was scored by HLA at 7 minutes remaining. At this point the sleeping giant known as Team HLA awoke and finished the game scoring 8 goals to none for PSS.
Heros 2013 12, Team 180 11
Team 180 put up a good fight but just could not hold back the Heros at the end of the game. The close score of 12-11 says it all. The Heros maintained composure when it counted, the most helping the team to pull ahead in the final minutes of the game. Team 180 picked up 3 yellow cards, two of which were late in the second half. Team 180’s attempt to score were quickly deflected by the Heros goalie resulting in a tough win for the Heros.

Gold Bracket Consolation Semi-Finals
Midwestern Force 10, MN Lakers 2013 4
Indy United 8, Utah Mamaci Elite 6

Silver Bracket Championship
Stars 9, Houston Heat 7

Silver Bracket 3rd Place Game
Colorado 10, Denver Summit 6

Silver Bracket Consolation
Blue Lions defeated Minnesota Lakers 2014/15
MN Frosties 13, Durangatangs 4

Bronze Round Robin
SoCal 10, ALL Idaho 8
MN Lakers Select 2016 9, Utah Mamaci Black 7

Gold Bracket
1. Team HLA
2. Heros 2013
3. Team 180
4. Puget Sound Select
5. Indy United
6. Midwestern Force
7. Utah Mamaci Elite
8. MN Lakers Select 2013

Silver Bracket
1. Stars
2. Houston Heat
3. Team Colorado
4. Denver Summit Lacrosse
5. Blue Lion’s Lacrosse
6. MN Lakers Select 2014/15
7. MN Frosties
8. Durangatangs

Bronze Bracket
1. MN Lakers Select 2016
2. Utah Mamaci Black
3. SoCal Edge
4. ALL Idaho

All-Tournament Team

Maddie Ossello - Team Colorado
Halle Duenkell - Stars
Siena Gumbiner - Durangatangs
Caitlyn Porter - Houston Heat
Margo Judd - Utah Mamaci Elite
Natalie Fox - Puget Sound Select
Lucy Mower - Team 180
Megan Pettine - Heros 2013
Delaney Norris - Heros 2013
Makensie Smith - Team HLA
Holly Majorana - Team HLA
Erica Bodt - Team HLA
Teal Harrsion - Midwestern Force

Taylor Ranftle - Team HLA

Liz Melahn - Team Colorado

Kelsey MacDonald - Durangatangs
Taylor MacDonald - Durangatangs

Championship Game
Elder Statesmen 10, C2C Magic Wands 7
Just like their Eldest counterparts, the Elder Statesmen took another championship in the Supermasters division at the Shootout. Although the Magic Wands were able to come close a few times, the Statesmen were always quick to widen the lead. Division MVP Brian Silcott left no doubts that he earned the recognition after scoring yet another hat trick.

3rd Place Game
Millennium Rock-it-Pocket 7, Yellow Dog 6 (OT)

Consolation Championship
Moondoggies 10, Middlebury 4

7th Place Game
Navy Old Goats 7, Cactus Lacrosse 4

Lower Bracket Games
Aged Spirits 12, Mad Greens 7
Vendetta’s 5, Galileo 4

All-Tournament Team
Keeper of Lacrosse Award
Sean Fox- Elder Statesmen

Brian Silcott - Elder Statesmen

Paul Thomas- C2C Magic Wands
Sam Hover- Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket
Cort Kim- Elder Statesmen

Doug Gulick- C2C Magic Wands
Jeff Wyatt-Mad Greens
Randy Fraser- Elder Statesmen

Long Stick Middie
Doug Appleton- Elder Statesmen

Face Off
Rocco Guglielmo–C2C Magic Wands

Rob Perella- Yellow Dog
Zack Colburn- C2C Magic Wands
Dan Pratt- Elder Statesmen
Tim Schurr- C2C Magic Wands

Danny Cisneros- Millennium/Rock-it-Pocket
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