Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 2 Results

Vail Lacrosse Shootout Day 2 Results

The 2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout moved on to its second day of action with games in the U-19 High School Boys and Girls divisions. The U-19 Girls tournament got started, with pool play at Freedom Park in Edwards, CO.

On the U-19 Boys side action moved to Athletic Field in Vail. The 2013 Shootout champions, the Baltimore Crabs, moved on to the final four, as did last year’s runners-up Laxachusetts. Joining them in the semi-finals, Midwest Select and FCA are strong teams, will be tough match-ups and should make for entertaining games.

The High School Boys Division I semi-final games will take place on Tuesday at Athletic with the games starting at 11:00am and 1:00pm. For the U-19 Girls, pool play will continue for the second day at Freedom Park.

Results for Monday 6/30

U-19 Boys
Vail Athletic - Division I – Quarter Finals
FCA 19, ADVNC 13
ADVNC held their own against a loaded FCA squad, but FCA took control with the help of Trevor Baptiste who won 26 face-offs during the game.
Laxachusetts 8, Team Colorado 4
Midwest Select 11, Altitude Stickness 7
Baltimore Crabs 14, ADRLN Jr. Tropics 11

Vail Mountain School - Division II – Quarter Finals
Wasatch 20, Nebraska Prime 2
This was a high scoring game for the Wasatch, who took a lead from the very beginning. Nebraska Prime played hard, but were overrun by Wasatch.
Brady’s Bunch 20, Local Favorites 0
The Local team had difficulty clearing and maintaining possession against a cohesive and disciplined Brady’s squad. In the end Brady’s dominated all aspects of the game keeping the Local’s on the ropes with fast-paced ball movement and finishing.
3d NE Select 17, Minnesota Chill 5
A back and forth battle with sustained possessions for both teams saw 3d NE Select pull away in after half-time.

U-19 Girls
Edwards 1 (Turf Field to West)
9:00 - Pool B - Frost 8, Bees & Honey 7
Frost and Bees & Honey displayed the true definition of competition as both teams played at high levels capitalizing on each other’s mistakes. In the end it was the Frost who proved a bit too cold as they pulled away with a one point victory.
10:15 - Pool A - Team HLA 16, 3d Select Blue 2
11:30 - Pool D - Midwestern Lax 15, Houston Heat 2
12:45 - Pool A - 3d Select Blue 11, MLA Northstars 5

Edwards 2 (Grass Field in Middle)
9:00 - Pool C - Team 180 ‘17 14, Team Colorado 11
Getting off to a superb start Team Colorado quickly set the pace taking a forceful lead over Team 180 ’17. The result of this game seemed to be evident but through determination a more focused Team 180 ’17 launched a come back and finish the game besting the local girls.
10:15 - Pool A - LaxNW Rippers 14, MLA Northstars 8
11:30 - Pool D - Denver Summit 15, 3d Select Orange 0
12:45 - Pool A - Team HLA 14, LaxNW Rippers 1

Edwards 3 (Grass Field to East)
9:00 - Pool C - Cat-A-Lax 8, 3d Select Red 8 OT Tie
In a game where a single mistake would meant defeat, each squad played exceptional ball forcing the matchup into overtime and eventually ending in a draw.
10:15 - Pool B - Team 180 ‘15 14, Stars 2018 Blue 8
11:30 - Pool C - Team Colorado 13, Cat-A-Lax 4
12:45 - Pool C - Team 180 ‘17 18, 3d Select Red 4

Pool Standings
Pool A
2-0 Team HLA
1-1 Lax NW Rippers
1-1 3d Select Blue
0-2 MLA Northstars

Pool B
1-0 Team 180 ‘15
1-0 Frost
0-1 Stars 2018 Blue
0-1 Bees & Honey

Pool C
2-0 Team 180 ‘17
1-1 Team Colorado
0-1-1 3d Select Red
0-1-1 Cat-A-Lax

Pool D
1-0 Midwestern Lax
1-0 Denver Summit
0-1 Houston Heat
0-1 3d Select Orange

Schedule for Tuesday 7/1

U-19 Boys Division
Division I - Vail Athletic
11:00am Laxachusetts vs. Midwest
1:00pm Baltimore Crabs vs. FCA
5th Place Bracket
9:00am Colorado vs. Altitude Stickness
3:00pm ADVNC vs. ADRLN Jr. Tropics

Division II - Vail Mountain School
10:00am Brady’s Bunch vs. Wasatch
12:00pm Nebraska Prime vs. 3d NE Select
2:00pm Minnesota Chill vs. Local Favorites

U-19 Girls Division
Edwards Turf
9:00 – Cat-A-Lax vs Team 180 ‘17
10:15 –Frost vs Team 180 ‘15
11:30 – MLA Northstars vs Team HLA
12:45 –Bees & Honey vs Team 180 ‘15
Edwards 2
9:00 – Houston Heat vs 3d Select Orange
10:15 – Bees & Honey vs Stars 2018 Blue
11:30 – 3d Select Blue vs Lax NW Rippers
12:45 – Frost vs Stars 2018 Blue
Edwards 3
9:00 – Denver Summit vs Midwestern Lax
10:15 – 3d Select Red vs Team Colorado
11:30 – Denver Summit Houston Heat
12:45 – 3d Select Orange vs Midwestern Lax

2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Schedule
Under 19 High School Boys: June 29th to July 2nd
Under 19 High School Girls: June 30th to July 3rd
Women’s Elite: July 3rd to July 6th
Men’s Elite: July 3rd to July 6th
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