USO Lacrosse, Until Everyone Comes Home

USO Lacrosse, Until Everyone Comes Home

USO Lacrosse

Team USO Lacrosse is back at again this Summer as they put forth effort to raise money for our brave troops. Team USO was developed in response to volunteers looking for new ways to support the troops and their families. As a whole, TEAM USO is made up of all kinds of athletes who share a common interest in supporting our troops and their families..."UNTIL EVERYONE COMES HOME." The team will be competing in two Summer tournaments to raise awareness and fundraise.

- WATS (War at the Shore) Tournament - Brick, NJ (July 28th-29th, 2012)

- Surf-N-Turf Lacrosse Tournament - Boston, MA (August 17th-19th, 2012)

USO-Lacrosse-Pinnies made a badass reversible for the team, which features the American flag, an Eagle, and the USO logo. Please support the cause by donating.
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