University of Maryland Football Uniforms, It's a Matter of Pride

University of Maryland Football Uniforms, It's a Matter of Pride

Labor Day, the University of Maryland Football team unveiled their much talked about Under Armour uniforms against the Miami Hurricanes. The Terps' full kit of uniforms include 16 new color combinations derived from Black, Red, White and Gold Under Armour pants and jerseys. The new line also includes a White Terrapin shell helmet with a Maryland flag sticker down the center and a Matte Black helmet with the same sticker. Strangely, in an awesome change of events, the Terps warmed up with their White Terrapin shell helmet, but returned to the field with a Maryland state flag helmet.

It is fair to say that the University of Maryland Lacrosse teams will be using Under Armour equipment in 2012, especially since Under Armour Inked a 5-Year, $17.5M Deal With Univ. Of Maryland in 2008. The Terps Men's Lacrosse team wore 24 different uniform combinations during the 2011 season.

Maryland's recent signings of a Football and Basketball coach assure the fans that they mean bizznazz this year. Kevin Plank and the rest of his Under Armour brood take pride in Maryland athletics and want people to bask in the joy as well. Before the Miami/Maryland game last night, Under Armour tweeted this video. reports that the unveiling of the uniforms nearly caused a meltdown on Twitter. Fortunately, Under Armour has taken a gamble and won as far as I can see. Nike who? Yea their Football team has 60-70 uniform combinations, but have they really taken as big a chance as Under Armour last night? The Oregon lacrosse team did, and I'd like to see more of this "trend."

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As distinctive as the Maryland flag, it beats the hell out of the NASCAR look, but too some adjustment on my part.  Busy, and when the players were in movement there were times I thought I was watching a flag in the wind…a gamble, out of the box, and enjoyable!

Howard Hart

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