Unequal EXO Skeleton™ Takes On Lacrosse

Unequal EXO Skeleton™ Takes On Lacrosse

LAS's Conner Wilson recently did an impressive post about a technology company who just dove into the world of lacrosse. The company is Unequal Technology. Unequal Technology is a provider of sports impact-absorbing, sporting equipment which is experimenting with its EXO Skeleton padding technology in lacrosse.

EXO Skeleton® Pads are the world’s first line of supplemental full-body, protective performance padding with ballistic grade DuPont™ KEVLAR®** that helps to protect athletes from blunt force trauma (BFT). This is military grade padding authorized for civilian use. EXO is so effective it was used in the 2011 Super Bowl and by the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions! Whether protecting catchers from high speed pitches, goalies from fast flying pucks, quarterbacks from bone-crushing blitzes or soldiers on the battlefield.

Unequal.com employed the help of local lacrosse players to test EXO SKeleton. The video above exemplifies how protective it is. We're very excited about this technology and will have more information about the development in the near future.
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