Under Armour to Introduce Cotton-Hybrid Line in 2011?

According to an analyst that follows the company, Under Armour may launch a new line of hybrid-cotton apparel in 2011. A research report released Monday described the new line of apparel as "coated cotton that wicks moisture from the skin, but still has its cotton feel."

Under Armour spokeswoman, Diane Pelkey, says:

We are always challenging ourselves to provide athletes with the apparel they want - and need - for every training and game-day situation. As such, we rigorously test multiple fabrics to determine the optimal combination of comfort and performance. Performance is the key and we are always looking for new fabrications to offer to our athletes to give them the edge.

Why This Is Important:

Under Armour hasn't been doing so hot with their shoe line. Footwear may not be the earnings-driver for the company. However, Cotton athletic wear is a $12 billion market, compared to a $5 billion market for running shoes and a $3 billion market for basketball shoes.

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I’m calling false and saying that those numbers are inflated b/c “cotton” athletic wear includes regular cotton t shirts for anything sports related. Such as a t-shirt supporting your favorite team. I doubt cotton t-shirts are considered under the “athletic-performance” clothing market b/c Under Armour was the one to create that market using exactly what was NOT cotton, causing everyone else to follow using other-than-cotton fabrics. So the “cotton athletic wear” market that you are saying Under Armour wants to get into is actually not the market you are referring the 12 million for. Just saying. That’s what I thought when I first read this.


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