Two Proposed Stick-Stringing Rules Withdrawn

Two Proposed Stick-Stringing Rules Withdrawn

BALTIMORE, Dec. 5, 2011 - US Lacrosse has announced that the two proposed rule changes for women's lacrosse approved at the September Board of Directors meeting are being withdrawn. The implementation date for those two rules will be delayed until at least August 2013.

The two withdrawn rules, both of which were included in the manufacturer's specifications section of the rule changes summary, are:

• Decorative holes may not be used to attach the pocket to the head.

• The strings may not be looped over the top of the bottom rail of the sidewall.

Those rules may be reconsidered at a later date, but any implementation will not occur prior to August 2013.

The sticks that would have been affected by the implementation of these rules, including but not limited to the Brine Quantum, shall be considered legal for play.
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how the hell do they plan to string these sticks?

Robert Ford

with a side wall string down the side i would assume

Guest 22

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