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Hi all! The Lax Babe back again, and today I'm bringing you guys a great company that isn't just making moves in the gear department, but just changed the game in terms of very cool new programs. Traditional Strings is a sweet gear company out of Massachusetts that just upped the bar for every lax gear company out there. They aren't just growing the game by putting out their cool and colorful shorts, tees, hats, and sunglasses, they're expanding at a whole new level. For every purchase made on their site and at tournaments (where they'll be all summer, so look out for them!), a percentage of each sale is put towards donating lacrosse sticks to programs in "non-traditional" lacrosse areas. How cool is that?

If you check out their new site, you can see the donation meter, which shows you in real-time how much of your purchase is going towards the stick donation program, and they've already got a decent amount heading in some lucky new laxers' direction. (And I don't know if you've ever seen the look on a new player's face when they get their first stick, but it is incredible!) It's so amazing to see companies giving back while they grow, and Traditional Strings recently partnered with Charlestown Lacrosse, to donate sticks to their program.

Coaches and programs who would like to get involved can as well, by advertising tournaments and leagues in their tournament directory or on the background of the Tradtional Strings site. 25% of those proceeds will go towards the stick-donation program. If you would like to get involved with Traditional Strings, help them out by "liking" them on Facebook, following them on Twitter (@TradStrings), and check out their site to buy gear that goes towards their stick donation program! Another great way to do your part to get new laxers on the field!

I’m Sammie, and am not A “lax babe”, I’m THE “lax babe”. My first big-girl crush was on a laxer, who let’s just say is still on the field (and in the box) today, and it’s only expanded from there. I live and work around bros, who I love and could hang out with all day every day. One could really even call me a “bro in babe’s clothing”. While lax is (with a bullet) my favorite sport, it’s not the only one I follow, growing up a diehard NY Giants/Yankees fan. If all I had was YouTube clips of MLL skills championships, my aviators, my Ipod, Summer days, pinneys, and laxers, I’d be one happy chick. Follow me on Twitter, @marilynmonbro.
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