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August, 20, 2012 - How many times have you’ve seen a fellow lacrosse player say, “What is the best camp to get recruited at?” or “What showcases should I attend this fall?” or even “What camp will make me a better lacrosse player?” well now, there is a simple place that you can direct him to,

TopLaxCamps was built for players, by a player. Brian Conlon, the owner of LaxKings and TopLaxCamps, is a current player and knows how it can be hard to find the right camp for you. “I know I have to attend camps to get recruited, but I have no clue what camp is right for me. I would have to dig around to find a camp that would take me a while to find. With this experience, I knew there needed to be a place where players (and coaches) could find camps with ease.”

TLC has a very friendly user interface that makes navigation very easy for everyone, you don’t even need an account to view camps and use the site. All info for a camp is pulled directly from the source, the camps website. You will find all the information you need, in one simple click. Each camp is divided into three different categories. Recruiting Camps are camps where you can go to learn and get recruited. Showcase camps are where you can show off your talent and get recruited. Skill Camps are where you can hone your skills.

You may be wondering, “But how do you get all the ratings for the camps? You couldn’t have been to every single one of these camps” that’s right, I haven’t been to every single one of these camps. That’s where your teammates and fellow lacrosse players come in.

When making TLC, we figured, all these players have heard reviews from sites and magazines etc. But they haven’t heard from where it matters the most, fellow players. That’s why in TLC, camps are ranked by you, the players. Every time you see a camps rating or review, it came from someone like you, a player who went to the camp. They tell you how their experience was.

We knew that sometimes we couldn’t find a camp, or a camp is brand new. That’s why we have the “Suggest a Camp” button. Do you know of a camp that we don’t? Suggest it. Brand new camp? Suggest it. This makes it so that we know we can get almost every single camp, so we can make this the biggest, and largest database of lacrosse camps.

So get out there. Go Review. Go Suggest. And most importantly, Go have fun.
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