Top 3 MLL Teams to Restore in the PLL

Before everyone gets extremely worked up, let's clear the air.

This is not a list of our favorite MLL teams. Nor, is it a list of the best MLL teams.

This is simply a list of which teams make the most sense to be selected as the next expansion team in the PLL from a branding standpoint.

Sorry to let down any die hard MLL fans. As we now know, there weren't enough of you to keep the league afloat.

Never going to happen: Ohio Machine

Never say never but considering the Atlas already lay claim to being the league's baby blue team. Perhaps, the colorway returns if the league pushes beyond 12 teams.

The Chicago Machine colorway however...

First out: Outlaws

The black and orange color scheme screams Chaos black and red. However, the history surrounding the Outlaws is too rich for the PLL to ignore and they will eventually be added to the PLL. If expansion coincides with the league shifting to a city based league, the Outlaws will be front and center. But, if the league is only going to add one team in expansion during the touring model, there are two better choices.


This is the color scheme the Whipsnakes should have used. The Miami Dolphins, we mean, Los Angeles Riptide, generated some buzz on Lax Twitter recently thanks to Cascade sending a replica to Diggs Tape. No idea why they didn't include the visor decal but still the best retro gear project any company has executed.


Sign us up for the return of navy, silver, and lime green.

Then, start retiring Bayhawk player jerseys after year one.

Our Top Choice: Launch

How the league created seven brands out of thin air and managed to avoid a blue and yellow squad is impressive.

However, if the PLL gets nervous about bringing back an MLL with positive history then one can imagine the Launch, despite having an incredibly unique color scheme relative to the existing PLL teams, won't make the cut.

Fire anyone who let the Launch have white helmets.

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