Titan Tea Teaches Inner-City Kids Lacrosse at The Fresh Air Fund's Camp

Titan Tea Teaches Inner-City Kids Lacrosse at The Fresh Air Fund's Camp

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NEW YORK --– August 5, 2014 -- Last week, John Gagliardi, former professional Lacrosse player and Founder of Titan Tea—an electrolyte-infused, low-calorie tea—visited The Fresh Air Fund’s camp in upstate Fishkill, New York, to hold a lacrosse workshop and healthy living discussion with 9-12 year old boys at Camp Hayden-Marks. The visit gave Gagliardi and his Titan Tea employees an opportunity to work with the kids, teaching them the value of healthy choices and athletics in improving their future. The Fresh Air Fund is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to ensure inner-city children from low-income communities are set on a path to unlocking their potential by providing a summer camp experience away from the demands of the city.

“What I love about The Fresh Air Fund, is its emphasis on the importance of healthy eating, education, positivity, and staying active - all things I value in my day-to-day life,” said Gagliardi.

At the end of each lacrosse workshop, Gagliardi discussed goal setting as the Titan Tea team passed out a bottle to each camper, to show them an example of healthier alternatives. Because each of their four flavors—Lemon Black Tea, Raspberry Black Tea, Peach Green Tea, and Pomegranate Green Tea—are just lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar, they have only 35 calories per serving, but with no artificial sweeteners or additives.

“We wanted to show the kids that there are healthier options out there, and that by being mindful of what you put into your body and staying active you can sustain a healthy and successful lifestyle,” Gagliardi commented.

Not new to success, Gagliardi is a former professional athlete, two-time All American at Johns Hopkins University, and former founding member of two companies: Blue Buffalo Pet Foods, and Maverik Lacrosse Equipment, recently purchased by Bauer.

As part of their ongoing commitment to the community, Titan Tea has pledged to provide continued support to The Fresh Air Fund, sending 15 children to camp each summer and having employees participate in working with the campers. The company also bolsters its commitment through organizing events to raise money for the organization. Recently, the company held its first event, in partnership with City WOD, an urban photo scavenger hunt in downtown Manhattan, where all proceeds benefitted the foundation.
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