Three Things that Excite Me

Three Things that Excite Me

Oscar Mayer Bacon Dogs Now A Reality

I'm justing going to go out on a limb here and state that these creations are game-changers. These items aren't for the faint of heart. Or, your heart for that matter. Allow me to introduce the Oscar Mayer Bacon Dog, Taco Bell Waffle Taco, and Burger King Rib Sammie.

In order to keep descriptions to a minimum, I'm going to be brief. Oscar Mayer's dog is an answer to everyone's desire to devour bacon on the reg. Why not mesh two great American items together? Taco Bell has been missing out on the breakfast game. The organization has strategically implemented its relatively new "Happier Hour" as a precursor to its "Fourth Meal." And now, Taco Bell can offer something new and creative. Burger King has clearly been targeting McDonald's consumer with its own dollar menu rollout. The rib sandwich blazonment is tackling McRib lovers.



PS I don't need to hear about how unhealthy these items are. Healthy fastfood doesn't exist.
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