There's lax in OC? Where to go off-the-field for the OC Lax Classic

There's lax in OC? Where to go off-the-field for the OC Lax Classic

The Ocean City Lacrosse Classic is the must-attend lax event on the east coast each summer. More than 100 lax teams descend on OC this weekend. While we are supposed to be there to play lax, we have a whole weekend and lax only takes up about four of those hours. Here’s where to go when you aren’t on the field.

Location: 56th Street Bayside
Go here for: Day drinking, Happy hour, Getting shitty, Eating, Getting laid
Why go here: Macky’s has always been one of our favorite spots in OC. You can sit at the open air bar and look out at the bay or sit on their beach for meals during the day or to party at night. Typically you’ll find beer pong tables set up on the beach at night and plenty of hotties. If you are down there this weekend, be ready to wait in line if you get there after 10. If you feel like a challenge, check out their Bomb Squad --- although there’s no way you’ll make it through all those bombs this weekend.
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Fager's Island
Location: 60th Street
Go here for: Happy hour, Getting shitty, Fine Dining, Getting Laid
Why go here: Fager’s is pretty versatile. It’s an awesome night spot, but also has fantastic food for dinner. If you want to drop a little money on dinner, check out their fine dining section – a white tablecloth/bayside dining experience. At nighttime the place has multiple bars, bands, and DJs.
Web Site:


Location: 49th Street Bayside
Go here for: Day drinking, getting shitty, getting laid, getting STDs, losing control, getting arrested
Why go here: Most of our embarrassing stories from Ocean City start with, “so I was drinking at Seacrets…” This is the hot day-drinking spot in OC. Float in rafts or sit in tables in the water -- or grab drinks at one of their many bars – Seacrets is made for partying.
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De Lazy Lizard
Location: 1st Street and the Bay
Go here for: Happy hour, casual dining, Getting shitty
Why go here: De Lazy Lizard is one of OC’s newer hot spots and it feels like it still hasn’t been fully discovered by all the tourists. It’s tucked away on 1st Street and the bay, so you wouldn’t find it if you were just cruising Coastal Highway. If you want to chill out on the bay in an open-air bar outdoors and grab an Orange Crush or two, this is your spot.
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Caribbean Pool Bar
Location: 2nd Street and the Boardwalk
Go here for: Getting shitty, day drink
Why go here: We love it here. Most people would never find this spot – it’s a pool bar on the back of Plim Plaza Hotel. This is a great daytime drinking spot if you want to just chill at the open air bar and listen to live music. There are those days in OC where we never make it out after going here. The reason: A drink they have called The Volcano – made with three different types of rum.



Fish Tales
Location: 22nd Street and the Bay
Go here for: Day drinking, Casual dining, Happy hour
Why go here: Fish Tales is just a chill open air bar – great during the day or at night. Grab lunch or dinner during the day or if you are looking for a more low-key chill night of drinking, hit this up with your boys.
Web Site:

The Green Turtle

Location: 117th Street
Go here for: Happy hour, Casual dining
Why go here: The Greene Turtle and lacrosse go hand-in-hand.
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9th Street Taphouse
Location: 9th Street – just off the Boardwalk
Go here for: Grabbing a few drinks, Getting shitty
Why go here: It’s unassuming from the outside and wouldn’t be a place we’d spend our night, but is good to pop into for a few drinks now and again. The real reason we want to tell you about this place is because of their drink called “Get a Room” – think a blue slurpee mixed with Everclear. This is one frozen drink you can have where you won't be a total pussy -- A few of these and you’ll be set for the next stop on the party bus. Oh and they also have 22 beers on tap!


JC’s Northside Pub
Location: 127th Street
Go here for: Happy hour
Why go here: This is a small mom and pop style bar. There’s nothing fancy about JC’s – it’s your pretty typical sports bar. But its right by the fields at Northside Park and also has some great happy hour specials. It’d be a good spot to stop in at after a game – or before.

Blue Ox
Location: 127th Street
Go here for: Happy hour
Why go here: Blue Ox is right next to Northside Park and is a good place to grab a few beers and a bite after the game. If you want to grab dinner there are probably better places in OC, but the bar area is great for some drinks and bar food.
Web Site:

Belly Busters
Location: 45th Street Oceanside
Go here for: Sandwiches
Why go here: Belly Busters is just that chill beach spot to grab a sandwich. It’s small and unassuming, but a favorite spot for a lot of people who go down to OC. And we can’t say enough good things about their fish tacos – just amazing. If you go here, try them.



Fat Daddy’s
Go here for: Sandwiches
Why go here: Fat Daddy’s has two locations but the one up on 82nd Street is closer to a lot of the lax action. Bottom line – this is just a joint to pick up a good sub or sandwich. Nothing fancy, but
Web Site:

Location: 32nd Street Oceanside
Go here for: Sandwiches (to go only)
Why go here: Yes – This is a beer store. But the subs here are amazing. Looking to get a sub to go? Pop in and get The Flagship – an Italian cold cut that is their signature sandwich. Subs there are expensive, but just like you would never want to get the cheapest hooker, you pay for quality.
Web Site:

Crabcake Factory
Location: 120th Street Oceanside
Go here for: Crabcakes
We are Maryland born and raised, so we are pretty snobby about our crabcakes. Crabcake Factory does crabcake factory does crabcakes as good as anyone else out there. Heck, even if you aren’t going to Ocean City we’d recommend you go to their web site and have come crabcakes shipped to you. Want something a little different? Get the crab nachos. By the way, they also serve breakfast – crab omelets are money.
Web Site:

Bull on the Beach
Location: 94th Street Oceanside
Go here for: Happy hour, Casual Dining
Why go here: There are a few Bull on the Beach Locations, but the one on 94th is the most accessible. Grab a pit beef sandwich or something from their raw bar.
Web Site:

The Hobbit
Location: 81st Street Bayside
Go here for: Fine dining
Why go here: If you want a good fine dining experience in Ocean City, try The Hobbit. With floor to ceiling windows overlooking the bay, The Hobbit has amazing views and great food to match. They also added a bar menu this year where you can grab some smaller plates for a cheaper price.
Web site:

Dead Freddies
Location: 64th Street Bayside
Go here for: Happy hour, casual dining
Why go here: For those of you who have been to Castaway’s, Dead Freddies opened last year where Castaway’s used to be. We’ve hit it up at night a few times this summer and the nightlife doesn’t seem to be nearly what it was when it was Castaway’s, but it’s still a good place to grab a few happy hour drinks or a bite to eat – we are big fans of the seafood quesadilla.
Web site:

Harpoon Hanna’s
Location: Rt. 54 and the Bay in Fenwick Island
Go here for: Happy hour, Casual dining
Why go here: Harpoon Hanna’s is in a great spot on the bay, complete with tiki bar. Happy hour specials include $1.75 domestic drafts and $2.75 rail drinks.
Web Site:

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly – and only if you are 21 and over.


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