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We’re in full swing with the holiday season and hopefully all you lax bros are getting good time in with your families. Just the other night my pops broke out his old wooden shaft and tried to convince me that metal shafts were for girls and were the sole reason that middies don’t play both ways anymore. Good times. While we’re enjoying time with our loved ones, let’s take a moment to recognize all of our troops overseas who don’t have the chance to be at home enjoying time with their families, having rage-fueled laxshaft sword-fights with their dads that end in injury and tears.

It is in this spirit that I dedicate the styling of our Winter Lookbook to the troops overseas. Every item here reflects both military styling and functionality. Next time someone comes at you with a shaft, you’ll be prepared…I promise. Let’s take a look:

Dragon Domo Sunglasses
These shades are awesome. They provide you full coverage and look pretty sweet too. They’re dark enough to hide your eyes but provide great visibility when you’re making split-second decisions on whom to feed the rock to. I wear them when I lax.

DeFeet Wooleater Socks
The Wooleaters keep my feet nice and toasty. Their wool construction also wicks sweat away from your foot. Plus, the argyle pattern makes me feel like a fancy boy.

Redwing Heritage Work Chukka Boots
Redwing makes a quality product. Lots of durability, and style to boot. Click here after you read that sentence.

5.11 Tactical Shirt
Ok, I know, this shirt kind of looks like a fly-fishing shirt. But there’s nothing wrong with fly-fishing. If you’re still reading you’d be glad to know that this shirt is comfortable, wrinkle-free, water-resistant and has pockets for your iPod. Nothing wrong with iPods.

686 Toolbelt
Whenever I go out I wear this belt. I think that’s why nickname is “tool”. Right? Either way, the belt has a bottle opener and several screwdrivers, which come in handy when you’re trying to remove your lax head. The bottle opener, well…it comes in handy when you’re opening up a lax soda.

TAD Gear ShagMaster Hoodie
TAD Gear is a small tactical boutique out of San Francisco, and they’re known for making some of the higest quality stuff out there. This jacket is warm, has a headphone port, hand-warmer pockets, reinforced stress areas, the list goes on. Plus, this thing has the best zipper of any article of clothing I own. Perfect for any bros who are looking to expand their jacket selection beyond The North Face.

Bell & Ross BR01 Blue
This is my favorite watch. The first reason is that the model name spells “BRO”. Second, it’s a tribute to the cockpit dials that many of our soldiers overseas stare at day-in, day-out. I replaced my Casio Calculator Watch with this bad boy and haven’t looked back since. This is BRO flight 42, requesting permission to be awesome.

Hopefully you guys are feeling the military-inspired products I’ve assembled for the LPG Winter Lookbook. If not, you can send all complaints to our Commander-In-Chief. His email is I promise all of the gear here is high-quality, comfortable and stylish. If you’re not the center of attention while donning your Winter Lookbook gear, then my name isn’t Bradley Ryder Owens.


Editors Note: Actually, we don't recommend e-mailing Barack Obama if you have complaints about Bradley's lookbook. If you have any complaints, you can send them directly to Bradley Ryder Owens. You can reach him at
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I’d rep the Tad Gear and the Bell Ross watch in a heart beat, son.

patrick krazee

thank you. and did you know that your initials are BRO?! and the belt was just added to my wishlist

to brad

Thanks for the bropinions guys. The TAD Gear zip-up is real warm and the Bell & Ross is obviously a nice piece.

@to brad: Yup, my parents solidified my role as a bro from birth. Have fun with the belt.

Bradley Ryder Owens

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