The Salt Shakerz Launch Off-field Apparel Line on New Website

The Salt Shakerz Launch Off-field Apparel Line on New Website

The Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club has been very busy in 2011. Between traveling to various tournaments across the country and hosting their own 16 team tournament in New York City, the Shakerz haven't had much time for anything else! Well today, the Shakerz are excited to keep the hits coming with 2 big announcements.

The Salt Shakerz are proud to announce the launch of a new "off-field" apparel line called "To Live". The concept behind the apparel is simple. Clean, high-quality garments that subtly represent the Shakerz and lacrosse in different ways. That being said, the apparel line is surf/skate-inspired with a hint of Prep-Star fabulous! Right now, the Shakerz are focused on hats (Fitteds, various colors), t-shirts (crew and V-neck), polos (pique and cotton) and hoodies (Soft cotton). The Shakerz iconic apparel has drawn attention since the club's inception but has been limited to the "on-field" product line, which the Shakerz call "To Lax". "To Live" will create an opportunity to "wear lacrosse" as part of everyday life.

In conjunction with the launch of the "To Live" apparel line, the Shakerz have also revamped the Club's website:, the official home for Salt Shakerz Lacrosse. Now with the website available, the Shakerz have made it easier for people to learn about the club and its mission, and also better help them get their hands on the team's apparel. (8 tournaments in 2011!) The new-look website features, Shakerz player profiles, tournament recaps and a media gallery so you can follow the club as they travel the club tournament circuit.

The website was designed and built by the web design shop Digital Tchotchke and the Shakerz' in-house marketing team.

Shakerz founder CJ Greene had this to say about the new website: “We hope the website provides our players, friends, and the broader lacrosse community an opportunity to learn a little bit more about the boyz in pink. The website has a lot of cool stuff going on…"

Elements of the Website:

"Apparel" - The “Apparel” section of the website is broken down into 2 segments.

- To Live: The Shakerz' new "off-field" wear is surf/skate-inspired, with a hint of prep star fabulous focused on hats, t-shirts, polos and hoodies

- To Lax: The "on-field", cutting edge lax apparel with the flare and performance Shakerz players and fans have become accustomed to (Available August 1st)

"The Shakerz" Provides an up close and personal look into many of the Shakerz and their personalities. The guys' bios range from the serious to absolutely ridiculous. The photos and quotes are priceless.

"Shakerz TV" is another tab on the website which represents the media arm of the club, providing photos and videos from team events and tournaments.

"Tourneys" The “Tourneys” section recaps all of the events that the Shakerz play in via an astroturf map of the United States. (Sick!) Clicking on the various points on the map provides you with a synopsis of each event and connects the user with all the media available from that tournament.

After viewing the website, Shakerz midfielder Chris Padden (Siena '05) said; “The new website is sick! I'm very excited that now there is a central location I can go to in order to check out footage from recent games and re-live some of the great memories from past tournaments. The website at its core is just us doing what we love to do... Laxin and hangin out with our best friends.”


You can also follow the Shakerz via:
Twitter: @laxoften

About the Salt Shakerz
The Salt Shakerz Lacrosse club is a post-collegiate traveling lacrosse team originating out of the New York City metro area. The Shakerz came together in the fall of 2008 when CJ Greene (Villanova University 00′) and Co. began talking about putting a competitive team together of “good guys” both on and off the field to play in the New York area. The name ‘Salt Shakerz” is derived from the expression; ‘Pass the Salt’—or in Lax vernacular ‘keep it hot,’ ‘Spin it,’ or ‘one more’. The moniker pays homage to what the club likes to embody: unselfish and tasty play.

It goes without saying that people like to lax with guys they get along with, and that has been the goal of the team since day one. Obviously everyone wants to win, but for this group, no one player has been bigger than the team. That being said, the club still puts together a talented squad. The Salt Shakerz roster includes current and former MLL, NLL, and LXM Pro Players-all the way to college club and MCLA guys. The Shakerz rotate playing in the various tournaments based on the event and geography.
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