The Running Shoe That May Change Everything

Take a step forward with a new running shoe that is hitting shelves February 2010, the On Running Shoe. These days,to some people, a fair amount of the running shoe market is over-saturated with gimmicky shoes that might actually cause more harm than good with the recent shock absorption systems among other things. Runners are at higher risks of injury and muscle atrophy than ever before. The On Running Shoe eradicates that problem.

The On Running Shoe, a recipient of the ISPO Brand New award which recognizes the sports world's most innovative product, has re-invented running. On impact the sole actually collapses which in result offers more cushioning and support. View the "On Story" below for a more in depth look at the technology behind the new product.

Visit ON as well as Fast Company for more info on the new shoe.

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This has been ripped from Adidas Bounce!!


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