The NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Heats Up

The NCAA Tournament is more than just another playoff series. The tourney is what everyone looks forward to every May. Memorial Day weekend is what every kid dreams of. And this weekend marks another great run for the title. Get excited by watching a few highlight reels below.

The Maryland Lacrosse team has been screaming "Be The Best" since they last won the title in '75. It's become the mantra of the program. The Strength & Conditioning title for the program is called "Be The Best" Award. Camps are named after the motto. High school and travel teams can be heard yelling it. The Terps have never relinquished their efforts to "Be The Best."

Who doesn't want to play for Syracuse? It's undoubtedly the most storied program in history. The atmosphere is laid-back, the games are high scoring and at a fast pace, and the players are smoothhhhh.

Seth Tierney has turned the Hofstra program into a contender ever since he stepped foot on campus. They finally started to recruit outside of New York. They now wear sick Under Armour uniforms. Years back in the '90s, Hofstra's name was only brought up when it came time for the Quarterfinals, which they hosted regularly. That is no longer the case.

Who are you looking forward to seeing? Are there any other great highlight reels that we missed? Let us know in the comments.
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