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The sport of lacrosse has needed a boost for years. The sport is finally being played more regularly on a national scale on television. Colleges and universities are now fielding more programs for men and women. Mainstream companies like Reebok, Adidas, Easton, and Nike are joining the fold. Lacrosse seems to be soaring.

Another reason for the growth of the sport can be found in the Dallas based Lax Academy. The Lax Academy has plans to be on the rise in Minnesota, Virginia, New York, and Maryland very soon. The director, Marcus Alvarado, kicked LPG some knowledge recently and sent us some pics of their gear.

"I can really say that our program is one of a kind here in the United States. I have not run across a Lacrosse that is able to consistently run year round and offer the tools that we are able to offer our future leaders. I have tried to incorporate everything that I wish I had when I was younger and in high school trying to play at the college level. There are a lot of kids that get no help with the recruitment process or have any clue to what it’s going to be like when they step on the college field. So we are able to offer those things to students all around the country.

The Academy was established for the specific purpose of developing a competitive youth and high school program whose goals are to achieve state, regional, and national recognition, as well as developing players capable of receiving college scholarships based on their playing ability and academic achievement. The Academy is broken down into 4 Sections. We have Lacrosse, Soccer, Rugby and Team Training. We offer our kids everything that they need to become better student-athletes. A few things we offer are game filming, private lessons, private physical training, and a lot of hands on recruitment help. We pride ourselves with being able to really focus on every students needs and being able to help each and every one of them with recruitment or everyday life."

Check out The Lax Academy for more info and let us know what you think below.
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Sick look


Marcus is a total scammer he STOLE over $6000 form our families! BEWARE OF HIS PROMISES!!!

Tom Collier

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