Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership Corporation Opens New Doors

Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership Corporation Opens New Doors

Lacrosse in Harlem? Yes. It's a reality through The Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership Corporation at The Frederick Douglass Academy. The kids have persevered beyond the noticeable tangibles for quite awhile in Harlem; fields, equipment, sticks, etc... Yet, they've continued to push. Right now, the goal isn't to mold the youth of Harlem into star lacrosse players, but they are molding disciplined children who are pursuing opportunities within and beyond Harlem.

HLL states:

Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership Corporation (HLL) is a youth organization that builds leadership skills and social responsibility through lacrosse. We provide a safe and structured setting for our players, as we guide them both on and off the field through coaching, mentoring, and academic intervention. Broadening players' experiences and skill sets prepare them to become effective leaders in the Harlem community.

Learn more about HLL by visiting their website, HarlemLacrosse.org.
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