The Fall Lacrosse Recruiting Showcase Guide

The recruiting circuit has expanded from a showcase and a few tournaments to multiple events every weekend from October to the beginning of December. As more players focus on lacrosse throughout the year and try to take advantage of more opportunities to play in front of college coaches these recruiting events have become more important in the recruiting cycle.

For most coaches, the fall is a great time to get follow up evaluations of players that they may have only had limited opportunity to see them play over the summer.

For sophomores, the fall is the first time that top to middle tier D1 coaches are going to get a chance to start adding players to their recruiting lists. Coaches will follow players throughout the upcoming year in hopes of getting a verbal commitment at the end of next summer or the beginning of next fall.

For juniors, D1 coaches are getting a closer look at players to see if you are someone that they are going to invite onto campus for a visit or offer a spot in their recruiting class. D1 programs from the top to bottom are looking for players. On the D3 level, the fall is when coaches are adding prospects to their recruiting lists and trying to predict the trajectory of a player. (Are they a true D1 prospect? Or do I have a chance on getting him?)

For seniors, the fall is your last shot to be seen by a coach at a school that you are interested in attending. Most early decision admission’s deadlines will have past by the end of November but you still have a chance to garner interest from coaches.

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