The Economist Announces New Sports Blog

The Economist Announces New Sports Blog

The Economist announced today that it has added a new blog called “Game theory” to its website. The blog, which focuses on sports, will analyze and report on both major and minor sports from a distinctly Economist perspective, addressing the politics, economics, science and statistics of the world’s most popular games. The first few blog posts will cover the US Open, screen golf in South Korea and the Rugby World Cup.

"Game theory" is the third blog to be added to The Economist’s website this year. In February The Economist launched “Leviathan”, which covers public policy, and “Clausewitz”, which covers diplomacy and defence. The website, which receives 6.4 million visitors per month, now has 22 different blogs on topics including economics (“Free exchange”), business travel (“Gulliver”), language (“Johnson”) and technology (“Babbage”).

“Sports are often discussed in The Economist’s offices, just as they are in other workplaces,” said Tom Standage, digital editor of The Economist. “This new blog lets our journalists share their passion for sports more widely and extends our distinctive analytical approach into a new field.”

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