The Choctaw Topstring

When I first saw the Iroquois topstring, from the Thompson brothers, I thought I'd give you guys some different ideas on how you can achieve the same effect. There really are a million ways.

Start your topstring a few holes down like you normally would stringing mesh. I bent the mesh to make 9 holes going across the top. Loop around the outer diamond and then come up back through. I spiraled my string around the diamonds, and then when I got to the second hole I went up to the outer leather hole in the plastic. Loop it twice through itself, then twist it by going around behind the string coming up. Twist twice, then come up through the mesh on the left side of the string. Continue the twist. I know that all sounds complicated, but really just follow the pictures closely. When I got to the opposite side, I looped around the head and mesh again, and then came back through all the top diamonds, spiraling the string in the opposite direction. This will give you more of a lip or release feel. If you want it to be much softer, avoid this step.

Lastly, string your sidewalls TIGHT! These topstrings rely on sidewalls for their structure and consistency, so make sure to tie them down and keep the mesh from sliding up. This is the first idea in a series, I'll keep throwing more topstrings at you as I can think of them. Also included in the gallery is a digi camo dye that's in the works for next time.

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