Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle Trains With Navy Lacrosse Alumni

ESPN has been keeping up with Myron Rolle for quite a bit. You know who he is right? Former All-Everything at Florida State and current Rhodes Scholar. He gave up his Senior year at FSU to study abroad and mingle with other members of academia from around the globe. ESPN's, Outside the Lines, has appropriately said that he, "is expected to be all things to all people."

With a reporter following his progress, ESPN has been shadowing his every move abroad. The funny thing is is that he's studying at Oxford with other American athletes, and a few happen to be Navy lacrosse players.

There are mornings when none of it seems strange. The Iffley Road Sports Complex opens early, and a crowd of scholars who are also athletes wait outside. The sweatshirts and gym shorts place the toned men and women: rowers from Harvard, swimmers from Oxford, lacrosse players from Navy and, soon, one safety from Florida State University. Why does a man have to choose? Roger Bannister, who ran the first sub-4-minute mile on a track some 20 or so yards from this crowd, was also a doctor. Bill Bradley was a senator and is in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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Great to hear that the Navy laxers are doing well in academia as well. I honor their commitment to the country and selflessness.

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