Ten Minute Traditional: Pita

Ten Minute Traditional created a pre-strung pocket with high-quality materials. 



Ease of Stringing: 9/10

All you really need to know how to do are sidewalls and topstrings. But I’ve seen thousands of home strung sticks over the years and I know that isn’t something everyone knows how to do. Ten Minute Traditional created videos on how to space and string up each of their custom pockets on their website though to help out with this.

Every detail that a person could want was taken into account with Ten Minute Traditional. They asked how many diamonds, how many twists in the pita, what colors for what strings, and where I liked the pocket to be. When the stick came in it had everything perfect to the specs, including my request to match Towson U's colors (go Tigers!).


Feel:  9/10

Don’t let the initial sorta slippery feel of a traditional fool you, the pocket will break in it just takes a little practice and the pocket will start to really form. Once you are past the initial break in though this is one of the best traditionals we have used (I have been stringing traditionals since 2005). The hold is great, shooting snaps through perfectly and the passes are super smooth definitely what you want in a trad.

Maintenance:  8/10

Traditional take more maintenance than mesh, just a fact of life. The majority of it is done for you in the beginning but knots will slip around, will need a little adjustment here or there as all traditional does. This can be a negative for players who just leave their stick wherever but I’ve noticed guys who use trad tend to start understanding how to maintain their stick more than guys always using mesh. There’s a little work to be done but the feeling is worth it.

Ten Minute Trad is perfect for you guys who want to try a traditional the right way for the first time. These guys take quality control seriously. Also, this is a great way to to have a backup stringing solution for those all-to-often mid-season string emergencies.

Also, for the collectors, this is a great way to accent your favorite pieces.

Overall, I recommend this stringing approach for a wide variety of players.

  • Beginners players as an easy way to get a quality string job

  • Intermediate players as a way to try traditional

  • Advanced players because they make for a good backup system

  • Collectors because it's an easy way to add traditional color to your pieces

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