Team Deutschland Supports Lacrosse the Nations

Thanks to the leadership and inspiration of co-captain Hendrik du Bois and his brother Freddy, Team Deutschland is doing more than just competing in the 2010 World Lacrosse Games in Manchester, England. They have committed the time, effort, energy, and resources to also support Lacrosse the Nations.

After learning about Lacrosse the Nations through team member and LTN advisory board member, Dave Campbell, Hendrik, Freddy, and the team took the mission to heart. They took the initiative to make shirts and sell them to team members, coaches, and family members. As a result, they have raised over 400€ for LTN. And this is just the beginning!

The Deutschland team has also decided to use the stage of the World Games to further Lacrosse the Nations’ mission and message. After being promoted to the Blue Division and having the opportunity to play in the tournament’s opening game versus England, the Deutschland Team entered the University of Manchester stadium wearing grey LTN shooting shirts and proceeded to warm up in them. Team members are also seen around campus wearing green LTN wristbands.

Co-captain, a Team Deutschland attackman and former NYIT player, said, "For me it was important to support LTN's mission as a team because lacrosse and and a lot of people in the lacrosse community have helped us throughout the last couple of years. Now that we are so fortunate to play in the greatest conditions and atmosphere, it is our time to give something back. I hope that our efforts could help and we'll continue to spread the word about LTN both here at the World Championship and back home in Germany."

We were able to catch up with a few team members to get their thoughts about Lacorsse the Nations.

“Lacrosse the Nations is a great opportunity to give back to the game that has given so much to me. We are all so lucky to play this game and to come from areas that allow for us to play when we want. What the LTN guys are doing is not only growing the game, but also giving hope and dreams to others. The ability for these kids to dream, improve, and set goals makes their world much bigger and encourages them to strive for something more.” - Matt Althauser, a Team Deutschland member and former Steven Tech player

"Lacrosse is a unique sport and helps my friends and me enjoy ourselves. It’s all about the people and friends you meet along the way...and I hope and think the kids will forget about their sorrows and problems while the enjoy themselves. It is great how a sport and the unique mentality can put a smile on everybody’s face. Lacrosse the Nations does this and gives those kids a good feeling about their life. I hope the international support will change their lives forever so they’ll see a perspective in their difficult circumstances," - Dennis Kowa, a Team Deutschland attackman
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