Syracuse Locker Room Tour

John Galloway and Josh Amidon take us on a tour of the 'Cuse locker room. The locker room is spacious and equipped with state of the art technology. At the end of each aisle you'll see a flat screen TV. Surround sound speakers, lounge chairs and Wi-Fi are available to help create a comfortable atmosphere. Above every player's locker hangs a placket displaying all of the players who have worn their number before them. The present Orange players are very appreciative of the facility. View the video below.

Watching this clip brings back a lot of memories. I remember the Gaits throwing BTB's from midfield to players on the crease! I remember the Hi-Wall reemergence in the late 90s! I remember making my parents drive me to every sporting goods store across three states to find a Hi-Wall and dyeing it Orange! I remember waiting hours after the Final Four games in College Park begging for sticks, and only getting drenched elbow pads and Rob Mulligan's sweatband. I remember Matt Cutia and Josh Coffman's stop-on-a-dime roll dodges. I remember Chris Cercy and Danny Brennan proving the importance of face-offs. Brian Solliday, what a beast?! Billy St. George, Regy Thorpe, Marshall Abrams, Pat McCabe, Sol Bliss, and Ric Beardsley (never got his jersey dirty)...

As a kid, the only thing I cared about was Syracuse lacrosse. Memorial Day weekend was more than a great holiday. Holiday status was raised much higher because Syracuse, more than likely, was going to be on TV. Being able to watch the Orange run-n-gun for more than two decades of my life has been a blessing. What are your fondest memories of championship weekend?
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1989 National Championship Game, Syracuse vs Hopkins

[…] 9. Syracuse Locker Room Tour […]

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