Syracuse Lacrosse Player Opens Lobster Restaurant In NYC

Syracuse Lacrosse Player Opens Lobster Restaurant In NYC

A few weeks ago we got wind of a new Lobster restaurant in NYC that a Syracuse alum co-founded. We kept hearing so many great things about the food and overall vibe of the place so, naturally, we wanted learn more. The restaurant is called Claw. Claw brings Hampton flavors to New York City in a one of a kind dining experience. Focusing on lobster rolls and crab cakes, the menu also boasts seafood specialties such as crab beignets and lobster mac and cheese. With a unique passion for freshness, Claw receives daily shipments of fresh lobster and crab from Portland, Maine.

We caught up with Partner and 2010 Syracuse grad, Alex Giocondi, for a one-on-one interview.

Hey Alex thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. First off, what's your lacrosse background?
I grew on Long Island and started playing lacrosse in Garden City when I was 6. I played there until I went to highschool at Friends Academy on the North Shore. There I was an all-county selection and 2 year captain. From there I was recruited to play at Syracuse as an attackman, where we won two national championships in '08 and '09. The next 2 years we went on to set the record in Syracuse history for wins as well as two Big East Conference championships. Quite a ride.

How and when did you get involved with Claw?
I graduated in May 2011 and immediately jumped on a job offer by Morgan Stanley. A close friend from high school Joe Miller and I had always talked about one day opening a restaurant together and trying to make a name for ourselves in the NYC service industry. I got a call from Joe about 3 weeks into my job telling me he had made a move on a piece of real estate in the Chelsea neighbohood in Manhattan and he wanted me to quit my job and come manage the restaurant. After he made me the offer my decision was easy. A few months later we're up and running and things couldn't be going better.

How did the Hamptons theme come into fruition?
As far as the idea we're both from LI and would frequent the Hamptons in the summertime. The idea for a Hamptons style lobster shack was unique and appealing. Combining that with Joe's chef background and cooking skills Claw is becoming a hit as the word spreads.

Head to and make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. View the video below to get an even better understanding of the menu and what the restaurant has to offer.

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